Notre Dame far too low in EA Sports College Football 25 'toughest places' ranking

EA Sports College Football 25 released the Top 25 toughest places to play and while Notre Dame was in there, it was far too low.
Quinn Harris/GettyImages

EA Sports College Football 25 is launching exactly three weeks from today (if you got the early access edition) and in celebration of that date, Electronic Arts released the Top 25 toughest places to play in the game. The good news is that Notre Dame football is among those Top 25. The bad news is that they’re far too low.

Notre Dame Stadium has never really gotten the love and respect it should as far as tough places to play goes. You would think at the very least the fact that the crowd can get quite revved up for a big opponent would make it clear they need to be in the Top 15 at the very least.

Notre Dame football doesn’t get enough love in Top 25 toughest places to play

In the just released EA Sports College Football 25 rankings, one thing is clear beyond the Irish not getting enough love. The game’s developers believe that the Fighting Irish are opening the season in the absolute toughest place to play. That’s right, Texas A&M’s Kyle Field is ranked No. 1 on this list.

Meanwhile, the Notre Dame football team is only ranked 21st. That ranking has them just head of Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium and just below Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium. 

With only three true road games on the 2024 schedule, it turns out that only the game against Texas A&M is against a team on this list. Their other road games, against Purdue and USC aren’t against teams that are anywhere near the toughest places to play.

Clearly, those who are coming to South Bend better get ready. It’s possible the EA Sports College Football 25 are going to be shown a thing or two once the regular season kicks off. For now, perhaps Notre Dame football can take solace in the fact that teams like Florida State aren’t ready for what is about to greet them.