Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Trolling Michigan, throwing no-hitters, more

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans were plenty happy to troll Michigan fans during the Blue-Gold Game.
  • Fighting Irish Baseball had itself a weekend.
  • Another dual-sport star getting more notice.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Trolling Michigan, throwing no-hitters, more
Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Trolling Michigan, throwing no-hitters, more / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball team had been having a hell of a time against the ACC. That is until they ran into the Boston College Golden Eagles. Suddenly, this weekend, Notre Dame could do no wrong. 

They swept B.C. in three games, but none more convincingly than Sunday’s 13-0 victory in which the Notre Dame Fighting Irish combined to throw a no-hitter. Even in college no-hitters are incredibly rare. It’s hard to go an entire game without allowing a hit, when the opponents are swinging aluminum bats. 

It’s even harder to do that when you’re a Notre Dame Fighting Irish team that has had problems keeping its opponents off the scoreboard.

On Sunday, it took four Irish pitchers to finish off their conference rival, but finish them off they did. Rory Fox, Tobey McDonough, Sammy Cooper, and Will Jacobsen all did their jobs quite well. 

In a shortened, 7-inning game, thanks to the Irish offense scoring 13, Notre Dame allowed no hits, no runs, struck out 7 and walked three. It was the first no-hitter the school has thrown since 1988.

Obviously, the fact that they threw a no-hitter was big. But that the Irish managed to sweep an ACC series was almost bigger. They manhandled Boston College, 14-3, 9-4 and then 13-0. The sweep was just the second series Notre Dame has won in conference play and their Friday win snapped a 9-game losing streak against conference opponents.

Next week, they’ll try to keep the momentum going against a very good Wake Forest Demon Deacons squad.

More Notre Dame Fighting Irish news

While the Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball team was having all kinds of fun beating Boston College, Notre Dame football got to troll one of its oldest rivals, without setting foot on the field against them. The Golden Domers played their Blue-Gold Game on Saturday and CJ Carr was definitely one of the stars of the show.

But another star of the game was Lloyd Carr. He’s the freshman quarterback’s grandfather and of course, also the former head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. It’s a safe bet that UM fans were not thrilled to see the old coach wearing a Notre Dame hat on Saturday.

If it wasn’t weird enough seeing Llloyd Carr wearing Notre Dame gear, how about former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel as well? Tressel was Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Marcus Freeman’s coach and then boss back in the day, on Saturday he came to South Bend to lend him his protege some support.

On Saturday, Jordan Faison showed off his dual-sport bonafides by playing in a Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse game in the morning and then getting on the sidelines for Notre Dame Football by the end of the Blue-Gold Game. 

However, Mike Berardino of Notre Dame Insider wants everyone to remember that Faison isn’t the only dual-sport star and that Drayk Bowen is going to make some noise as well this season.