Notre Dame Fighting Irish aiming to secure top LB target with secret weapon

Notre Dame Fighting Irish target top linebacker prospect Simeon Caldwell, leveraging their strong academics and recent recruiting success.
Clayton Freeman/Florida Times-Union /

The Notre Dame football team has been recruiting the linebacker position as any program in the country. The only other position where they might be having even more success is at quarterback. One of the things a team like the Irish has to do when they’ve been having that kind of success is keep the streak going. 

Marcus Freeman and company are trying to keep their hot streak going with one of the best linebacker prospects in the 2026 class. Simeon Caldwell has a ton of power conference teams coming after him, but the Golden Domers have definitely managed to get their foot in the door.

Caldwell is someone who also definitely remembers when a school is trying to make an impression. Right down to when they reach out for a recruiting call. Notre Dame football seemed to understand that was important.

"Definitely Ohio State, Notre Dame and then all the Florida schools,” he told Irish Breakdown about his top schools. "Those are some of the schools that are starting to stand out. June 15th was the first day of recruiting and Miami was the very first school to call me at like 12:03, then Notre Dame followed at 12:05. Those schools are definitely standing out to me.”

Notre Dame football trying to capitalize on momentum with Simeon Caldwell

The Fighting Irish might have a secret weapon up their sleeves when it comes to competing with schools like Ohio State and Miami too. Caldwell is one of those that is keeping an eye on things after his playing days are over.

"For Notre Dame, it is the balance between athletics and academics,” said Caldwell. "Both my sisters went to the Ivy League so that is very important to my family. Notre Dame being one of the best academic schools in the country is important to me.”

That’s certainly not something that Notre Dame football fans are surprised to hear. Now the coaches just need to press that advantage.