Notre Dame football- Georgia recruiting rivalry surprising matchup to watch

Notre Dame football is going head-to-head against the Bulldogs for some massive recruiting targets in the next few cycles.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish v University of Georgia Bulldogs
Notre Dame Fighting Irish v University of Georgia Bulldogs / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Historical rivalries is one of the reasons why college football is such a wonderful game. Notre Dame football fans mark off the calendar on the day they face off against USC the way they also used to mark it on the calendar on an annual basis with Michigan. But one of the most interesting changes in the sport's landscape is that teams who are not remotely rivals on the field, find themselves rivals on the recruiting front.

On the other hand, it's not a huge surprise that Notre Dame and Georgia suddenly find themselves recruiting rivals. After all, both programs are going after the best of the best players in the sport. They're both going to contend for the top class in 2025, likely going to contend for the top class 2026 and there's no reason to think they won't both be monsters in 2027.

At the moment, the rivalry is focusing especially on wide receivers. The two schools are facing off for the affections of Tanook Hines, Derek Meadows, Jayvan Boggs and Talyn Taylor especially. 

All four receivers are considered among the best at their position in the 2025 class. At least two of those in Boggs and Meadows are considered among the absolute top targets for the Notre Dame football team. 

Boggs especially is a player that Marcus Freeman and company have put a ton of time in and spent a ton of attention on. They're hoping they can lure Boggs to South Bend and maybe even team up with his high school teammate in Brady Hart.

Notre Dame football has tough road to hoe to beat Georgia

The good news in this particular rivalry is that Notre Dame being a real player is always a good sign. The bad news is it is trying to beat an SEC school that recently won two straight national titles. 

Meadows, especially has looked quite interested in all the SEC schools. If he tends to go to that conference, it would be hard not to see the Bulldogs as one of the front runners.

The showdown for these players is going to be an interesting one to watch. It's unlikely all four pick one of those two schools. Notre Dame football winning one would be plenty nice. But this rivalry is going to be an interesting one to watch moving forward.