The degree of difficulty in Notre Dame landing top 4-star receiver target

The Notre Dame football team still has a shot to land wide receiver Derek Meadows, but there's definitely a degree of difficulty.
Notre Dame football defensive linemen practice
Notre Dame football defensive linemen practice / MANDATORY CREDIT GREG SWIERCZ / USA

One of the biggest focuses of the Notre Dame footbal team's recruiting over the last two classes has been the wide receiver corps. Marcus Freeman and company seem to know that if the Fighting Irish are going to compete for the playoffs, they're going to need to bring in very talented pass catchers. Derek Meadows would certainly fit that bill.

For the last few months, Notre Dame has indeed seemed like one of the teams to beat for Meadows, though there is a degree of difficulty. One recruiting analyst recently laid it out as really being as simple as the fact that the Irish need to find a way to keep the SEC away from the Las Vegas-area receiver.

Kevin Sinclair recently appeared on the LockedOnIrish podcast where he talked about why it might be getting more difficult for Notre Dame to land Derek Meadows.

One thing that might be a bit of a roadblock in getting Meadows to come to school in South Bend is that the Fighting Irish seem to be gaining momentum with another 4-star prospect Jayvan Boggs

“I think you'd be a little surprised if they land both," Sinclair said. "I think they'll more than likely land one or the other."

The degree of difficulty for Notre Dame football landing Derek Meadows

It also seems as though the lure of the SEC just might be a bit too much for Notre Dame football to overcome.

"A lot of these other schools have only offered him in the last few months, Sinclair continued. "But I do know from talking with sources who knows him and his family that from the get-go, he was always very interested in getting offers from the big SEC schools and schools like Clemson and then visiting them and just kind of going through the recruiting process."

That doesn't mean that Notre Dame football is dead in the water in the pursuit for Derek Meadows. But things are looking rather bleak. The good news here is that the thing that could really end the run, a commitment of Jayvan Boggs, would also serve as a positive for the Fighting Irish.