Missouri strikes again: Notre Dame loses second star WR target to the Tigers

Notre Dame football wasn't really in it for Jayvan Boggs anymore but it's still annoying seeing a second WR target head to the Missouri Tigers.
Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

When Notre Dame football entered the race for Jayvan Boggs, they had to know it was going to be a task to land him. That doesn’t make it any easier to stomach that they dropped out of the running surprisingly early.

It’s particularly frustrating to see a 4-star prospect slip through Notre Dame's fingers and end up at a historically weaker program. The fact that this program also managed to snatch a Notre Dame wide receiver commit adds insult to injury.

Missouri certainly cares not a whit that the Tigers took both Shaun Terry and Jayvan Boggs away from Notre Dame football. That program is probably just walking on sunshine that they’ve brought so much wide receiver talent into Columbia, Missouri after Boggs’ announcement on July 4.

Notre Dame football loses second WR target to historical SEX also-ran

Some of you may remember back when Shaun Terry did decommit from the Irish and moved to Missouri, I thought that might have been a good sign, because it didn’t seem likely Deuce Knight would join him there. That’s still a possibility of course, but it doesn’t feel good to lose another target to the same school.

It’s worth noting in the world of the 12-team playoff, that Missouri stockpiling this kind of talent means more than it would have even last year. Back in the golden days of 2023, we could have shrugged Boggs and Terry going to the SEC school because it was unlikely we’d have to play that team.

These days, it feels like there’s a better chance the Notre Dame football team might have to face off against its old targets sometime in the not-too-distant future. Them’s the breaks in a college football world that is spreading the top talent around more than it’s ever been spread before.