Notre Dame football gets foot in the door with top QB visit

  • Notre Dame football is ramping up efforts in the 2026 class.
  • QB Noah Grubbs might be the best QB in a loaded group.
  • Grubbs unofficial to South Bend on Friday is a foot in the door.

Notre Dame v Stanford
Notre Dame v Stanford / David Madison/GettyImages

The Notre Dame football team’s recruiting has ramped up to another in the wake of Pot of Gold Day last Sunday. Whether talking about new offers, commits from legacy prospects or just making sure that some of the top targets are feeling the love, the Irish coaches have been working hard.

That hard work is paying off on Friday as Marcus Freeman and company are set to host arguably the best quarterback in the 2026 cycle. Noah Grubbs announced on Thursday night that he’s planning an unofficial visit to South Bend.

An unofficial visit is already a big foot in the door for the Irish. That he’s coming on Friday could be a sign that Grubbs is also ramping up his recruitment.

The 2026 quarterback, who has some of the best programs in the country coming after him, said that no only will he take an unofficial visit on Friday but will sticking around for spring practice on Saturday. With coaches like Gino Gidugli and Mike Denbrock working their magic, it would certainly seem fortuitous for Grubbs to see what the Irish are running.

Guys like CJ Carr could certainly show him that the offense can be quite high powered, even if there were times when it looked anything but at times in 2023. That there were times the offense struggled shows that the right quarterback is needed.

Notre Dame football gets foot in the door with Noah Grubbs

It’s also worth pointing out that it appears Grubbs is going to be crossing paths with Notre Dame football recruiting’s top target in the 2025 class. Deuce Knight will be in South Bend at the same time. That feels like it’s not a coincidence.

Knight has been one of the top peer recruiters for the Irish since he committed. While he’d be effectively be recruiting his competition, that likely isn’t phasing the popular and confident player. 

Look for Notre Dame football to pull out all the stops for Noah Grubbs.