Notre Dame football QB commit makes it clear he’s ‘all-in’ after rumors

Notre Dame football commit Noah Grubbs has been the subject of several rumors about a possible decommit, but he shot those down this week.

The Notre Dame football team is fighting its tail off to keep its 2025 quarterback in the fold. And for at least a few days earlier this week, it looked like they were already going to have to fight to keep its 2026 quarterback commit on board as well.

 It was one thing to fight to keep Deuce Knight. He’s shown at recent camps that he is one of the best players in the 2025 class. He’s also someone who is continually getting pursued by Power 4 schools. Ole Miss is at the top of that list. 

The possibility of Noah Grubbs reconsidering his commitment to the Notre Dame football team was a shock. Despite this, there were whispers that the Irish would need to put in significant effort to fend off other teams still vying for him.

Notre Dame football QB commit makes it clear he’s ‘all-in’ after decommit rumors

At the top of the list as to why Fighting Irish fans thought Grubbs might be doubting his commit was just a run-of-the-mill offer from another school. The 4-star gunslinger got an offer from the South Carolina Gamecocks.

When he posted that he was happy to receive the offer, there were immediately some Notre Dame fans who wondered if they were about to see a repeat of the Deuce Knight soap opera with another SEC school.

The added problem here was that of course, Grubbs has over a year before he can actually sign a National Letter of Intent. He’s a member of the 2026 class so there’s going to be plenty of teams coming calling.

However, Grubbs also put an end to rumors that he’s wavering at all. He tweeted out shortly after the rumors started swirling that he was “all in” with Notre Dame football. He did so unprompted and without being asked by a recruiting analyst. And that should carry some weight.