Notre Dame football QB commit reaffirms allegiance amid recruiting drama

Notre Dame QB commit Deuce Knight reaffirms his loyalty amid rumors, sparking excitement with a tweet about the 2026 class.

It’s been a long while since Notre Dame football had a recruiting soap opera that was anywhere near as riveting as what’s going on with the Irish and its top quarterback commit, Deuce Knight. Like a soap opera, the story seems to take twists and turns one direction or the other every day.

Amidst the drama, it’s important to remember that Knight has repeatedly affirmed his allegiance to the Fighting Irish. His words, “I am a member of the Fighting Irish,” should not be taken lightly. 

While there has certainly been smoke to the rumors that Knight is looking elsewhere, he’s also constantly repping Notre Dame football. Whether it’s through the clothes he wears the way he comports himself on social media. The latest evidence entered into the record on Saturday was the superstar slinger referring to ND as “we” while signaling interest in the 2026 class.

Notre Dame football commit once again shows he’s standing by his pledge

The latest social media post that has people around the program quite pumped could be a very innocent one. But it seems to hint at massive repercussions.

“We are America’s College Football Team…” Knight wrote. “2026 you are up!”

That simple comment set off quite a reaction on Twitter.

"Deuuucceeeee!!! Keep representing bro and killing it at these Invites," one follower wrote in response. "ut them on notice whats going up at South Bend my guy!!! Let em know why your the top QB in the class!!!! Let's Be Great!!!

Others responded only with gifs. One gif in particular hit home.

Others noticed the phrasing.

Others could barely handle their excitement

Deuce Knight has shown himself to be a massive, massive get for the Notre Dame football team. While it might take some work to keep him committed, he might simply be a man of his word.