Notre Dame football running back target got the full peer recruiting push

4-star running back Justin Thurman was in South Bend to check out the program he's been committed to and he got to spend some time with other commits.

One of the things that has made Notre Dame football so impressive when it comes to recruiting, is that it doesn’t have to lean on its coaches all the time. There are a number of players that are in the fold, who are all about trying to get other top ranked prospects to pull the trigger on the Fighting Irish.

That was especially the case last weekend when a ton of committed players and some of head coach Marcus Freeman were all in South Bend together. It appears that guys like Deuce Knight, who has had no problem going after these top prospects were working their magic on a running back target the Irish want to keep in the fold pretty badly.

Notre Dame football running back commit got the full peer recruiting push

4-star running back Justin Thurman gave his pledge to Notre Dame football last August and he hasn’t really wavered since. But the Notre Dame football program isn’t about to take that for granted.

Thurman was among those committed who went to South Bend. And he came away even more sure that he’d make the right call last summer.

“For those who are committed, along with myself, it was basically like a reinforcement of why we chose Notre Dame,” Thurman told Blue & Gold. “We met with the coaches, former players, alumni and special guests. It was just a huge presentation of why Notre Dame is a great place to be and how it can put you in the best position for success.” 

As the Irish keep heading towards the dead period that starts on Monday, they’re making sure that they’re going after new targets. But they’re also making sure they keep the ones that are pledged in the fold.

It’s pretty clear that the Notre Dame football team definitely locked down Thurman.