Notre Dame gets love in latest EA Sports College Football 25 power rankings

Notre Dame football is officially one of the best teams in EA Sports College Football 25 after the final power rankings were released.
Kirby Lee/GettyImages

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean all that much that the Notre Dame football team is getting some serious love in EA Sports College Football 25. However, when you consider that literally everything can be used as a recruiting tool, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Electronic Arts has spent the last week making sure that everyone is plenty excited about the game. They’ve also managed to do what they wanted by sparking debate with their rankings.

First it was the toughest places to play and Notre Dame football managed to place in the Top 25. Though not all that high. Then they were ranked in both the Top Offenses and Top Defenses. And as a coup de grace, the Fighting Irish got ranked quite well when it came to overall power rankings.

Notre Dame football gets love in latest EA Sports College Football 25 power rankings

The Irish are not only ranked in the Top 10 in the EA Sports College Football 25 but they’re almost inside the Top 5. Officially, they’ve been given a 90 ranking which has them as the sixth best team in the game.

It is of course, worth pointing out that technically, the Irish have the third highest team rating in the game. While they’re technically listed as 6th, there are five teams that all have a 90 rating. Only Ohio State at 96 and Georgia at 94 are higher rated.

The other teams with a 90 are Oregon, Alabama, Clemson, and Michigan. 

The next tier of teams are all rated 88 and include an opponent in the 2024 season. Texas, Penn State, Utah, Florida State, Oklahoma and Iowa are in that group.

USC is the next highest-rated team, officially coming in at 16th with an 86. Then it’s Texas A&M at No. 19 with an 84 rating. Louisville rounds out the Notre Dame football opponents in the EA Sports College Football 25 power rankings at 22nd with an 84 overall.