Notre Dame star Benjamin Morrison confirms he's 'in the game'

The Notre Dame football defensive back took to social media to make it clear he'll be a part of EA Sports College Football 25
Ohio State v Notre Dame
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The Notre Dame football team is going to go through some rather big periods of time over the next seven months. Right at the top of the list is the beginning of Spring Practice and the end of that period in the Blue-Gold Game.

In year's past, the end of the spring session meant that Notre Dame football fans had nothing to do other than sit and wait for the fall to arrive. But this year, for the first time in a decade, those same fans will be able to get their hands on a digitized version of most of the Fighting Irish players and maybe even play the season ahead to see how they'll fare.

Earlier this week, EA Sports announced they'd officially started sending out the contracts that will allow players all over the country to opt-in to having their NIL in the game. The company announced it would include all 134 FBS schools and they will rosters of up to 85 players.

Who will officially represent the Fighting Irish? There's almost certainly going to be a myriad of players announcing their participation in the next few months, but there was a small flurry not long after the opt-ins went out. Riley Leonard was the first official Golden Domer to confirm his participation. Benjamin Morrison was the second.

Notre Dame star Benjamin Morrison confirms he's 'in the game'

Benjamin Morrison took to his Instagram account to announce he's "in the game." While that's hardly a surprise, it's never going to be bad to see players announce they've signed the deal.

That deal is one $600 payment and a copy of EA Sports College Football 25 on the system of their choice (which is really just PS5 or Xbox Series S/X at this point.

That means that when Notre Dame football players are in the game, they can also play the game.