2015 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class: Defensive Grades

2015 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class

The Irish brought in a balanced Defensive class on National Signing Day. Notre Dame added Linebacker Tevon Coney, Cornerback Shaun Crawford, Defensive Tackle Jerry Tillery and Linebacker Josh Barajas to the 2015 Notre Dame football recruiting class. The Offense received an overall grade of B.

Defensive Line: C-

  • Micah Dew-Treadway
  • Elijah Taylor
  • Jerry Tillery
  • Brandon Tiassum
  • Bo Wallace

These four recruits have potential but will not make an immediate impact. Dew-Treadway has very good hands, but must improve his consistency with his technique. Taylor has a lot of improving to do. Several reports indicated he was injured his senior year. He really needs to improve technique because he will not be able to overpower many of opposing Offensive Linemen. Tiassum can possibly play Offense or Defense. He will start on the Defensive side of the football. The X-factor of this group is Jerry Tillery. Many recruiting services had Tillery pegged as an Offensive Tackle. But, he will begin his Notre Dame career on the Defensive side of the ball. His athleticism may give him an opportunity to be a special Defensive Tackle. Wallace is another great tackler. However, his hands while shedding blocks are most impressive.

Linebackers: A-

  • Tevon Coney
  • Asmar Bilal
  • Josh Barajas

The Linebackers are best position group in the 2015 recruiting class. All of these Linebackers are big, athletic, and will be play early in their career at Notre Dame. Coney is the speedster in the group and flies all over the field. Barajas is a master at the lost art of form tackling. Bilal has the natural ability to find the football and read the cloudy clear concept of the Offensive Line.  This group has the potential to be special at Notre Dame.


Defensive Backs: B

  • Mykelti Williams
  • Shaun Crawford
  • Nicco Fertitta
  • Nick Coleman
  • Ashton White

Despite his lower rankings, the player that stand out in this group is Nicco Fertitta. If you do not judge Fertitta by his size, you will see that he plays with intensity, physicality, and intellectual curiosity that should make him a very good football player. Shaun Crawford could return kicks for the Irish in his Freshman or Sophomore year. Mykelti Williams plays downhill and is good as a zone defender. Nick Coleman is a pure athlete that will fit anywhere on the football team. Coleman may be the best in this group by his Junior year. Ashton White has good speed that helps him recover from a bad read and still make a play on the ball. Overall, this is a good class of Defensive Backs that could contribute in many ways in their careers at Notre Dame. The Coaching Staff needed to land another prototypical Safety in this class.

Overall: B-