Notre Dame Football: Waiting For That Big Recruiting Splash


When will Notre Dame get that big recruiting commitment?

It feels like it has been a really long time since Notre Dame made one of those spectacular recruiting splashes that seems like an everyday event in Tuscaloosa Alabama and Columbus Ohio. Where are those 5 star, elite, game-changing, program-changing, life-changing, superstars in the making? Why aren’t they committing to Notre Dame — and why aren’t they doing it right now?

While all of those are valid questions, they deserve only the most basic and vague answer: it is only the end of March, and it’s a long way until the first Wednesday in February of 2017.

With that said, it is incredibly frustrating right now for fans of Notre Dame football and in particular for fans of Notre Dame football that follow recruiting, even if it is just casually. The big fish aren’t swimming in this pond. Well, to be fair … the lunker bass that bring home trophies and boat endorsement deals aren’t swimming in the stream that leads to the pond that Notre Dame is fishing from right now.

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Yes, Notre Dame has no right to complain about its recruiting status when it comes to most of the country, and they just pulled off a highly successful junior day that netted the team three new four-star commitments in linebackers David Adams and Pete Werner and quarterback Avery Davis. Those three commitments make 9 total for this 2017 class which 24/7 has ranked number five in the nation.

Still … there is a level of discontent that exists after an incredibly anti-climatic end of the 2016 class. Notre Dame football fans were damn near promised by the recruiting gurus that at least one if not two five-star recruits were going to sign with the Irish with the possibility of a “shocker” being a third. January and February were intense, and then that intensity smacked us all in the face.

The complete opposite of what happened there happens at Ohio State and Alabama and Florida State and that provides all the reasons I need to be worried about that “big” commitment (or two or three). The reasons being national titles which is all the reasons we ever need.

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Brian Kelly can win and win big doing exactly what has been happening, but if we want that next step, a few more pieces need to fall into place. It feels like we are just waiting for that to fall in our laps. That’s not a good feeling to have.