Another reason fans can be happy Notre Dame isn't LSU

Notre Dame football fans rejoice as Irish players are all in for EA Sports College Football 25, while LSU may face significant player absences.
LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly and quarterback Garrett Nussmeier (13) talk on the podium
LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly and quarterback Garrett Nussmeier (13) talk on the podium / Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

While Notre Dame football fans were likely a bit upset back when Brian Kelly left South Bend for Baton Rouge, since that departure happened, there's been all sorts of reasons to not be jealous of LSU. One more reason was added this winter when the Irish stole the Tigers' offensive coordinator.

Mike Denbrock rejoining Notre Dame's staff was just the latest reason why LSU fans might actually be jealous of the Golden Domers these days. A new report demonstrates that Baton Rouge gamers are also pretty jealous of those booting up their PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in South Bend this July.

Another reason fans can be happy Notre Dame football isn't LSU

Popular social media account College Football Alerts claimed that the Tigers are in the middle of an opt-in problem. 

It wasn't that long ago that Electronic Arts announced more than 11,000 players across the college football world had opted-in to having their name, image and likeness included in EA Sports College Football 25. Among the players who opted in were Fighting Irish stars like Riley Leonard and Benjamin Morrison.

However, according the to the new report, there's quite a few Tigers who won't be in the game. In total, it's said that 38 LSU players did not sign the required contracts by the deadline. The report did also say that most of the players who won't be in the game are freshmen and transfers.

Still, that's a rather large group of players LSU fans won't be able to have in their dynasties. In contrast, there hasn't been any report claiming that even one Notre Dame football player who should be in the upcoming title opted out.

For those interested in the realism EA Sports College Football 25 promises, it's got to make gamers feel good that it looks like Notre Dame is fully cooperating with Electronic Arts. Can't say the same for Brian Kelly's squad.