Latest Notre Dame football commit pulls okey-doke on Michigan

When Notre Dame football commit JaDon Blair announced what school he planned to play for, he ending up pulling a bit of a misdirect in school choices.
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While there were Michigan fans who thought they had a chance at JaDon Blair, Notre Dame football fans who follow Slap The Sign know that he was almost certainly a Fighting Irish commit for a while now.

That’s why Blair pulling an okey-doke when he announced his commitment was that much funnier. Wolverines fans following the lead of writer/troll EJ Holland were on the edge of their seats, only to be let down.

Notre Dame football commit trolls Michigan

Blair announced his commitment to the Notre Dame football program during a live video, and the four-star safety from North Carolina definitely had some fun with it. So much fun, he later had to make sure there were no hard feelings.

During his commitment announcement he had three hats on the table. There was Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan. Blair added a bit of drama to the proceedings by drawing everything out a bit.

JaDon Blair: Expert troll

Knowing who he was actually going to pick, Blair first grabbed the Penn State hat and pantomimed putting it on. He then grabbed the Michigan hat and got even closer to putting it on, because eventually making it clear Notre Dame was the choice.

As he announced his real commitment, he certainly showed off that was having more than a little fun trolling the other fanbases. One could certainly argue Michigan fans especially, deserved it.

Notre Dame football wins the fight

After some fans noticed that JaDon Blair seemed to be trolling fans a bit, he did make it clear that he didn’t mean any disrespect. He simply decided to make his commitment a bit more of a spectacle.

“This is no disrespect to either of those extremely great programs!!” Blair wrote on Twitter. “It was truly a blessing to be recruited by them and I love each of the coaching staffs!! Forever grateful but GO IRISH”

Notre Dame football fans, at the very least were laughing.