Notre Dame football DL commit stays resolute despite power conference pursuit

Notre Dame football is fighting off all comers for several of its commits including defensive line prospect Davion Dixon.

When it comes to fighting off other teams for Notre Dame football’s commits, a ton of attention has been paid to the battle for Deuce Knight. Of late, Noah Grubbs has also started seeing more talk about potential pursuit post-pledge.

However, it’s not just quarterbacks (or wide receivers if we’re counting Shaun Terry) that are seeing power conference teams trying their luck stealing Fighting Irish commits. And in the case of one defensive line commitment, it appears Marcus Freeman and company are having luck in keeping him in the fold.

Davion Dixon hasn’t gotten the same kind of fanfare and the same kind of spotlight as some of his Notre Dame football 2025 classmates. It turns out at least part of the reason for that could be that he’s just kept his head down and made it clear that even if teams come calling, he’s sticking with the guys in South Bend.

Notre Dame football commit Davion Dixon sticking with pledge despite strong pursuit

It can be hard to figure out why one prospect seems ready to waver on his commitment just hours after giving his pledge, while another never wavers at all after pulling the trigger. Dixon’s head coach Michael Manasco recently talked to On3 about why he feels the defensive lineman is sticking with his pick.

“It’s not just the level and pedigree of football, but also the academic side,” Manasco said. “It’s about the 40 years, not the four years. Your degree will pay for it. So that has been the huge thing.”

This is hardly the first time that we’ve heard a Notre Dame commit talk about how important the time after their playing days is over is when it comes to spending their college career in South Bend. It’s one of those secret weapons that can really make a difference. And it’s one you hope more commits and recruits recognize.

The Miami-Palmetto player has had teams like Florida State, Florida, Auburn, and Penn State pursue him since he committed in April of 2023. But Notre Dame football has managed to hang on this long. It sure feels like they'll be able to take it to the finish line.