Notre Dame football target gives wink to QB commit amidst visits

Notre Dame football badly wants to try and get former Ohio State commit Jayvan Boggs to come to South Bend. Could Deuce Knight be the secret weapon again?

ayvan Boggs looks on during the first quarter of a FHSAA Class 2S state semifinal
ayvan Boggs looks on during the first quarter of a FHSAA Class 2S state semifinal / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

As the Notre Dame football team shifts into a higher gear when it comes to recruiting, there is one target: the Fighting Irish are working hard not to let slip through their fingers. For what seems like the umpteenth time, the secret to doing that could be their talented quarterback commit, Deuce Knight.

Jayvan Boggs was a commitment to Ohio State until last week. Once be became a free agent again, all of the usual power teams made it clear they were interested. Now Boggs is talking about taking official visits but he’s also doing some winking and nodding on social media.

One of those wink and a nod that should most interest Notre Dame football fans is the one Boggs aimed at Knight. It wasn’t in depth. It might have been nothing more than a little teasing. But it comes off as significant as Boggs talks about where he’s thinking about committing to next.

“What you thinking ☘️??  @DeuceKnight,” the 4-star wide receiver prospect wrote on Twitter.

The comment stands out especially because it feels like Notre Dame football is playing catchup. Boggs is planning official visits and he’s already lined up three. He’ll check out UCF on May 31, Georgia on June 14 and then Missouri on June 21.

It’s said that Boggs is also considering Florida and USC for an official visit. Notre Dame football so far hasn’t gotten officially mentioned. But what if Deuce Knight can work his magic and get the 4-star Cocoa, Florida prospect to South Bend?

Notre Dame football hoping to hang on in tough recruiting battle

The pressure is ramped up a bit especially because Jayvan Boggs has made it clear that he doesn’t plan on this thing going forever. Nor does he want to be a guy who commits and decommits over and over.

“When I commit this time, it will be set in stone and I will be shutting my recruitment down,” Boggs recently told On3 ($). “After being committed to Ohio State, and opening things up, this next decision will be it for me.”

Notre Dame football clearly has some distance to make up. Stay tuned to see whether Deuce Knight can help in that regard.