Notre Dame football stunningly loses ground with top WR target

The Notre Dame football team thought it was in good standing with one of its top receiver targets, but it appears they've fallen off entirely.

Anyone who has been following college sports recruiting for any length of time knows that there's going to be peaks and valleys. Twists and turns. However, one recent twist in Notre Dame football's pursuit of 4-star wide receiver Jayvan Boggs is rather head spinning.

USA Today State of Florida Recruiting H.Q. podcast spoke to Boggs on Thursday about his recruitment and where it stands. The reporter also talked to the talented wide receiver about where his top schools stand not long after he released a Final Seven list. Notre Dame football was on that list. It was thought the Fighting Irish had a very good chance of landing the former Ohio State commit.

That doesn't appear to be the case anymore. Boggs told the podcast that the schools currently standing out the most were Missouri, Texas, Georgia and UCF. Notre Dame got no mention at all.

I wrote on earlier this week that a recruiting rivalry has blossomed between the Irish and the Georgia Bulldogs, so it certainly makes some sense that they're on the list of schools he's leaning towards now. UCF makes sense because they're close to his Cocoa High. 

But Missouri and Texas? There's no real reason why either of those schools should have the leg up they apparently do on Notre Dame. Especially not after the time and effort Marcus Freeman and company have put into going after him.

Notre Dame football's inexplicable falling off for top WR target

Boggs' comments about Missouri are especially interesting, considering the way that Notre Dame's recruitment has gone. 

"They have a great quarterback (Matt Zollers) in my class that would be coming with me. They’re building a great 2025 class and they’re building something great."

It's worth noting that the Fighting Irish are considered the front runner to land Boggs' current high school teammate and quarterback Brady Hart. Granted he's in the 2026 class but Notre Dame has a pretty good quarterback for the 2025 class in their own right in Deuce Knight.

Maybe Boggs knows something we don't yet about how the quarterback recruiting situation is going to shake out in South Bend. Or maybe he just likes that Missouri is in the SEC and he mentioned the quarterback as an afterthought.

It's also of course, possible that the Goldern Domers are still very much in the running. Or that they can get back into it. But that particular update should make people in and around the Notre Dame football program a bit uneasy.